Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

This summer we took 8 days of swimming lessons with our cousins in the Swim America program down at the local fitness club! It was great fun for all of us because everyone gets to swim in the outdoor pool during lessons for free!

Great Swimmers!

Peter and Edmund gave each other lessons in the baby pool. They had great fun splashing!

Lucy was learning how to dive and freestyle. She can hold her breath a long time.

Jill was in a class for splashing and putting your face in the water. She also learned to jump in the pool. She wasn't afraid and did a great job!

Susan was in an advanced class and they learned the breast stroke and other things to swim better.

It was lots of fun in the sun after the class until we got hungry and went home for lunch. The two girls paid for the lessons themselves and I think they really got a lot out of it. I think this is a better use of their hard earned money then candy. They saved up for months.

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