Friday, October 28, 2011

October Winds blow in the fun!

Happiness is a big pile of leaves!

Happiness is cotton-candy from Grandmas care package!

Mulan Warrior Princess for Halloween.

Carving Pumpkins for Family Night!

Caramel Apples for the Cub Scouts! Of course there were some to share.

Frozen garden and the last of the tomatoes didn't have a chance even though they were covered with two tarps.

After all of that this little guy was so tired he fell asleep on the computer chair!

Timothy of the Cay by Theodore Taylor

This is the sequel to The Cay. It is the story of the guy that was marooned on the ship with the blind boy Phillip. His name is Timothy. It tells about when he was a little boy and tells the story of the present, with Phillip getting ready for surgery that will either kill him or heal his eyes. It is fascinating to have the pieces filled in. I loved both these books. I really like the cat too. Whole Book

Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Picking!

Here we are, picking apples as a family. Don't we look like the perfect little family all working together on a Saturday. This picture can be deceiving but I won't go there. Ah, what a nice family.

Working in the backyard scooping up the leaves and mowing the lawn. Hard work but someone has to do it.

Climbing the trees job is always fun! We picked 7-8 bushels!

Little people like to help too.

If you can't reach it just call the fire department and they will send him right over!

That is a lot of apples! Empire, Red delicious, golden delicious, Johnathan and Crimson! Two big trees and 3 tiny trees.

The backyards garden is nothing but a few tomatoes that have to be covered each night so they don't completely freeze. Three sunflowers are still trying to see the sun but the seeds are not quite ready yet.

The last project for the weekend was the girls room. It is never this clean! We moved it around and added a dresser for the school clothes. The cat likes one of the drawers.

One eyed slinky the pirate kitty is always sneaking inside the house to sleep somewhere warm.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Walk!

This display was from the kids schools art club.



Calvin and Hobbes! This was the best display. The snowmen were positioned just like in the cartoons.

Popular Tangles movie display but they all stood in front of it so you can't see it, ha ha.

A scene from A Christmas Story movie when he gets his tongue stuck to the pole on a very cold day at school. He looked so real and you at first thought it was a real boy standing there.

Random picture:
Don't give little guys chocolate on the way home because they fall asleep and get it everywhere in the end. (he actually fell asleep with the kitkat sticking out of his mouth but woke up just before I took the picture and made his mad face.)