Friday, August 12, 2011

Saldivar Family Reunion!

Saldivars all had a fun time in Midway, UT. It was a little paradise in the mountains. We swam and played with cousins the whole time! Can't wait for the next one to come around! Thanks grandma and grandpa for bringing us all together!

Talk about some delicious food! Check out this taco salad!!!!

Caramel corn! Grandma makes the best ever and of course even grandpa can't help snitching some!

This was our room! It was so lovely...but after you took all the billions of pillows off it was ordinary and when you added the kids that slept with us it was impossible to get a good nights sleep. I couldn't wait for my King size unmatched frumpy bed at home. BUT I loved having my own bathroom just two steps away.

My little blond boy didn't match too well at this Mexican fiesta! His brown eyes did.

Tami and Phil. WE sure miss them!

Uncle John and Uncle Ryan. It was great seeing them again!

Cousins we don't know but were sure fun!

Uncle Dan! We miss him too! GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE!

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