Sunday, August 14, 2011

Showmanship competition -2nd day- County Fair 2011

This is the day that you have to do everything perfect and even if you do the judge might not appreciate it or you might not know exactly what he is looking for. You just try your best! It was to our surprise a new judge, different from the day before in Market. He was really quiet and sometimes it was hard to tell what he was doing or looking for. He was quiet and very fair.

Lucy is ready! This is her first year. It is hard to remember everything and you just hope your lamb doesn't jump right out of your arms and run all over the place. The classes are divided by ages. Lucy was the 2nd group to go. The first group were very small and young and there were 5 lambs just running around going crazy right off. It was very funny. The lambs are 4 times as big as these kids. The boys that live on farms are tough. They don't give up and they tackle their lambs sometimes to catch them. Sometimes the lamb tackles them but they don't even give up or cry.

She kept her lamb calm but forgot to set him up a few times. She tried hard and survived the showmanship.

Peter is on his third year showing lambs. He has some pretty steep competition because he is in an older group. He was in class 11 out of 18! Talk about being hot and tired by now. It had already been 2 hours already. I feel sorry for the judge. All the sheep would have started looking the same to me!

He did really well and his lamb didn't jump too much when the judge came by.

This is the girl that really takes showmanship seriously. She was in the class for 5th graders. Here she is getting ready to go in the ring.
There is a family in our ward that has been into lambs for a while. The Nielsens. They breed and raise all their lambs at their grandpas farm. The little girl is the same age as Susan. She is really good at showing a lamb. You can see her here with the cute white hair flower, we will call her E.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat it was so close and intense to see the judge eliminate the kids one at a time.
And the winners are....drumroll, Susan in Second place and the white hair flower girl in first, E!!!! Susan did such a great job!

This was the last class in the JR division of the competition and as soon as she walked out of the ring she went back to the beginning and walked back in to compete for the Grand Champion and Grand Champion Reserve trophies. She placed 5th out of 25 of the best in her division! Awesome!

Our neighbor, Susan's best friend, also did great and came in second in her class. She competed in the intermediate Grand Showman Division. Great job!

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