Sunday, July 31, 2011


They are back by popular demand! We keep in it perspective at our house by calling the lambs BBQ. The kids have been working hard getting them ready for fair.

They walk them twice a day all the way up to the canal and down a ways then back home. At first they were very stubborn but now they just go along like dogs on a leash.

This is the day we took them to a farmer to have their wool sheered. It is too hot for the lambs to have so much wool and they don't eat as well when they are exhausted from trying to stay cool.

This is Susan's lamb "Dandy".


Peter's lamb "Frog"

Lucy's lamb "Freckles" before:

The lamb being sheered, it doesn't hurt it is just a little buzz cut.


They practice setting them up and bracing the lamb as the Farmer pretends to be the judge. They look great! All the lambs weigh in above 100 pounds. Now to just keep building muscle. This has been a fun project this summer.

Of course the best part is the play structures!

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bug girl said...

You caused me to be a bit scared when Lucy's lamb didn't show up in what should have been the "after" picture.