Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Starts!

We homeschooled the oldest boy, Peter, for 13 years and sometimes you need to mix things up a bit. After much thought, planning and of course prayer, today the three oldest kids started at a charter school. They were so excited and a bit scared. Peter and Susan are in a middle school type environment for 6th and 8th grade and Lucy is in 4th grade.

We attended back to school night and were overwhelmed with the amount of rules and classes and teachers! HOMEWORK! Yes they got homework the first day of school. Hopefully they will make friends fast and figure out how to get their schoolwork done right and homework done faster then a snail so they have time to play in the evenings.

They have to wear uniforms and mind their manners at this school. No horsing around only serious students are allowed. This charter school is really into the History Fair and won big time the last couple of years. All the teachers are really "nice".I will need to volunteer each month in the classrooms and special events. That should be fun.

Here they are after school. They survived and were very hungry.

It was so quiet at home with only two little kids left. We had so much fun running errands, reading books and taking naps.
The big kids will ride their bikes to school until it snows. It is only 2 miles from our home, that is a 15 minute bike ride if they take the shortcut past the Catholic church and community garden. What Adventure!!!


le said...

Holy Smokes. I feel old, I never had any idea what grades these kids were in or any of the other cousins. How do I have a nephew in 8th grade?! When did your kids grow up so much? I thought 13 sounded old, but 8th grade sounds so much older!

Pam said...

Their backpacks look huge, I hope they're filled with bricks instead of stacks of homework.

elesa said...

wow, big changes. Hope they love it!