Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh, this and that at our house...

The Regional Science Fair!  Susan did a great job waiting patiently for the judges, explaining her project and then waiting for the awards ceremony later. She got a medal and presented her project well. Great job!
 If you had a whole box of band-aids for your Birthday wouldn't you just stick them all over the house in random spots just for fun? Well, that is what Edmund has been doing. The box is almost empty. He gets more attention doing this than putting them on himself and faking injuries.
 Spider-man pj's and a monster truck coloring book can make me happy! Later I just kept coloring and now my whole arm is green. Then I got to take a bath so it was all good. Being three is the best!

Lucy got a haircut! She looks so different. One girl at school commented on how cute it looked every time she saw her. Once at the first recess, then again at lunch. When she saw her at the last recess she just couldn't help but say it again! Lucy just said, "You already said that, thanks."

Mafia to Mormon: My Conversion Story by Mario Facione

This was an interesting short book about a man that completely turned his life back to the Lord and changed to a better person. He also risked it all and had faith that he was taking the right road. It is interesting how the tender mercies of the Lord are not just for you or me but everyone regardless of the mistakes they have made or the life they are living. God knows us, we are his children and we are part of his plan, he wants us to return to live with him again where we can be happy and be with our families again.
Mario Facione lived and breathed his whole life in the Italian Mafia in Detroit. He was raised to take his father's place. He lived for the challenge of the next scam and the big money makers. That all changed one day when two missionaries stopped by.
Now he is a temple worker in Michigan. How did he survive leaving his old life? It was a miracle. This was a wonderful true story of a journey and a discovery of the greatest thing on the Earth, the love of the Savior for all mankind. Don't take the gospel for granted but live your life in Christ to the fullest.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Remembering Isaac: The wise and joyful potter of Niederbipp by Ben Behunin

Super Great Book~!
For me this book was so good on so many levels I don't even know where to start. It has been moved to my overall favorite book this year!  Vicki  finished it two weeks ago and just happened to mention how good it was when we were passing in the hall at church. I was determined to get it and read it too. I found it at the Smithfield library and read it in a week. I couldn't put it down (but sometimes I had to because life goes on). It not only has adventure, suspense and romance (like the holding hands type) but also a little bit of mystery. The part of the book that I loved the best was the fact that my testimony grew as I also became good friends with the old potter of Niederbipp. He was a very Christlike individual. You have got to read this so we can discuss it together! What will be your favorite parts? Who will be your favorite character from the town of Niederbipp?

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Edmund O. turned Three! We made a race-car track cake on top of a sheet cake brownie. Then we placed new blue race-cars on the track with a police car chasing them.

 Here he is blowing out the candles! He waited all day for this and was so excited.

 How old are you? THREE!!!! He told everyone how old he was in the store. He must have made friends with 6 different strangers. They thought he was just a cute kid that could hold up three fingers and smile. If only they knew he was a cute kid that actually had just turned three that very day and could finally put three fingers up instead of two.

 Ice Cream! The big kids helped dish out the ice cream and were all a big helpers. We had lots of cousins over to help us celebrate. Aunt Danna came up from Sunset and Aunt Kami came from N. Logan. Pam was sadly sick so she didn't get to come. Aunt Kim came up from SLC.

Mom's have Birthday's too! My angle food cake had cocoa added to it but it didn't taste very chocolate and it defeated the purpose of Angle food being white. It was still fluffy. I had vanilla bean ice cream and whip cream with fresh strawberries. We also had Cowboy pizza for my B-day dinner! YUM!

Look he got a Robot and a monster truck! I think he liked the robot the best. His sister Lucy gave it too him. She bought it with her own money and wrapped it. She is very generous when it comes to presents. He played with it the rest of the evening and ignored all the other presents. Then he slept with it right next to his pillow. In the morning he grabbed it and it ate breakfast with him.

I of course got a spatula. It is a very cool seamless spoon spatula that my sister in law uses to help her scrape the buckets of honey. It can also be used with cooking and doesn't melt.

Right before the cake the little girls were using a can of potatoes as a stool and it tell over and spilled. It was a big mess but luckily a pixie cleaned it up later with the vacuum and I didn't even have to ask them to do it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Science Fair TEC

Now this was an interesting project! Well presented and nicely done. Everyone likes brownies! Even if they had Spinach in them! Yum! Please do not put Bacon in your brownies, that was a flop. Applesauce was pretty good  but the best brownie for taste was following the recipe! His project actually looked into the psychology of knowing what is in it vs. not knowing and if that changed the taste.
 She swept the 6th grade division off their feet! 1st place and she gets to go to regional Fair in two weeks!
Her project was all about finding a healthy alternative to the fast food deep fried french fry yet still have a great crispy taste. Baked french fries made out of Red potatoes and soaked to remove starch turned out the crispiest! Yum!

 Turning 3 in a few days and Grandma Arlene sent a present! He loves to play with his new cars! There was no way he was going to wait to open them! He also looks at the world a little different now!