Sunday, August 14, 2011

4-H Projects -County Fair 2011

Well, there isn't just animals at the fair! The girls raced to the top of the climbing wall!

Then over in the 4-H building there are lots of projects! Susan got a first place on the pioneer bonnet and skirt she made with grandma Carol.

There is even a category for Lego's! Peter won a first place on his bionicle creation.

All the kids entered a baked good and won first place. Cookies, muffins and Zucchini bread!

Water colors! This one is an abstract face by Lucy.

All the kids in our Green Canyon 4-H group did a leather working project. Lucy took a little extra time on hers so it didn't look like a dog gnawed on it but you could actually see the well placed shell design going around her name. This water-bottle key chain holder is going to the State Fair! (that is what purple ribbons are for.)

All the coin collections got a blue ribbon! Only Peters was complete but the others were missing a few quarters. We tried to get the last few from neighbors and grandparents but we will just have to keep looking. That is what makes the coin collecting fun!

Susan is getting really good with the camera. She took some really nice photos of nature. She got blue ribbons on most of them. It is interesting to compare them to the photos going to state and you can really see a difference in the quality of the color. I think it might be time to get a new camera, the pictures she took were good but they looked so dull and fuzzy compared to most of the others.

This leather-work is by our cousin Nathan. It was really nice and he took a lot of time cutting it out. It is a pocketknife holder. It is going to State!

We also entered chickens! The girls took a long time deciding which chickens to enter. They all wanted one of their chickens entered but I didn't want to take the whole coop! Some of the chickens already had a chance last year so we didn't enter them again. Some of them have feathers missing on their backs so we didn't enter them. That left this chicken named EAGLE. She is a very nice chicken. We got her in our first group of chicks 3 years ago. She belongs to Mike.
All of her brothers and sisters but herself and one other either died the first winter by being picked off by some predictor. Then we gave the two chickens to Pam. They survived the skunks and the dog attacks over there. She then gave them back to us. This chicken Eagle evaded the horny rooster and survived the winter again! She is a survivor! She has such pretty orange speckles all down the front. She also is crafty and likes to eat the cat food in the garage. When we were entering the chickens in the fair the guy that is the expert can tell you what kind they are. He very kindly said that it didn't seem to be any special type of chicken and we should take it home. Oh the poor rejected chicken. If only they knew her special inbreed properties, survival, Everyone would want a chicken like this! The world will never know now. She rode home rejected and missed out on all the fun at the fair.

Luckily the girls were not too sad because we brought our Young Trio, Marley the rooster and his two lovely pullets, Plum and Sugarbaby! They won second place in the JR division! Hooray for Sexlink IFA store bought chickens! (they were pure-breed but just by a tiny bit I guess.) The real trophy winners are beautiful chickens, big boned and sturdy. You can see the difference when you compare them to our store bought chickens verses the special bred chickens.

We didn't enter anything from the garden because the grasshoppers have made lace out of everything! Hopefully next year!

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