Friday, August 12, 2011

Shearing, fixing and painting - Fair preperations!

The kids are walking their lambs for the final time. The cousins helped and even grandpa walked with them. They are looking good!

Now for a good washing while the sun is shining! The lambs didn't think this was amusing at all but we finished them off with a bucket of warm water. They look so white when they are clean.

Shearing the lambs took a lot longer then we ever believed was possible. Our neighbors daughter was very dedicated and did most of the work. We just held the animal down.

This was the second shearing so it was just details. The head and legs were easy but the stomach took was tricky because the lambs must of thought it tickled and they didn't hold very still. Plus the razor was going dull.

Painting the boards we use at the fair to separate our stall from the mean hogs that bike the lambs noses. The kids helped to and everyone got paint on them.

We also painted the lamb covers with green clovers so they looked better. Thanks Grandma for helping!

Grandpa fixed things all week! Things I didn't even know were broken. Here the washer was leaking when it drained. Now it works like new!

Riding motorcycle with dad is always an important part of any fun day!!

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Scorchi said...

Love the pictures and the updates!