Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pioneer Day

A whole day of fun at the park with the 4th graders.

 This is the station I got to help with. So fun! We did candle dipping. The kids thought it was so much fun but if they were real pioneers dipping a candle all day would really get old fast.
 They also make quilt squares, tied a quilt, made ice cream, butter and played pioneer games.
 Here they made bread on a stick. Don't we look so cute in our bonnets?

 Square dancing to finish it off before the buses came. Pioneer children would have walked the 5 blocks back to school!

Birthday !

 Yes she has finally turned Ten! We didn't have a lot of time to celebrate on her real Birthday because that was opening night for the play but we did get a cake in and opened a few presents around 11pm.

 Then we had another Birthday party on Eclipse day! Look at the shadows on the wall in our backyard. That was neat.
 We saw the eclipse on Peter's shirt!
 You can kind of see it. The picture didn't turn out as good at the actual looking at it.

 We had mini-cheesecakes.
 Lemon powder cookies.
 Only one problem, the party started an the Birthday girl was completely zonked out. She had hives so I gave her some Benadyl and she fell fast alseep.
 When everyone finally arrived we had to wake her up so she could open this from her cousins!
 Then we went outside to bust open the pinata.

 Lucy finally whacked it in half and the candy was gone in an instant.

 The cousins jumped and jumped. Later that week we received the best present ever! A new trampoline bouncy part from the McGills! Now we won't fall in the hole.
 The cats thought the party was fun too. They kept trying to get the ropes out of the tree.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother's Day Surprise Kitchen Floor!

 My husband decided to rip out the old carpet in the kitchen and replace it with something new! We have been wanting to do this for a long time! Finally on Mother's Day weekend I got my wish!

 I love the brown marble look.

Grandma and Grandpa came out and couldn't help but jump right in. They all decided to paint the kitchen too and remove the old wallpaper!   After pictures of the painting.

 The Wallpaper on the bottom of the wall. What a mess. The kids peeled it off a long time ago and the plaster was coming off. It really needed some help.


 Before and After
 Look at this new kitchen Floor!!!!!
 The also did the entry way in this marble design. The living room needed help too so grandma went to work hanging pictures with all the kids and the temple. I LOVE IT!

Thanks everyone for the great surprise and now I need to work on the curtains and the furniture and organizing things in the kitchen....the list is endless when it comes to fixing up a home. So fun!

The Music Man Stake Musical Hyde Park, UT 2012

Wow, what an experience! The Stake Musical was so worth the long practices and not finishing homework.

Susan in her town girl outfit.
I am the townswomen.

Peter is one of the gang that joins the band later.
Grandma came out from CA to help us do our hair and makeup.
It took me two hours to get the girls hair done and mine plus do a million other things and we were late to every curtain call but Grandma saved the day and did each of the girls hair in like 5 min. each!
The girls figured out eventually how to put on their own makeup. They really liked the blush.
Town-girl outfit for Lucy.
Even Peter figured out how to put his own stage makeup on.
Grecian Urn ladies.
All the town girls. And then they change into the Wa Tan Yee Indian girls
Other towns women that I became good friends with. Don't you just love the hats?

Here we all are, the Pickilittle Ladies and the townswomen.
Lucy had to do homework inbetween her scenes. She hated it but didn't get too far behind. The performances would go so long and then clean up so we were gone from 5-11pm every night.
Posing on some of the sets with friends.

The Bridge! I love the sets they looked so professional and real.
The Cast Party! Lucy and her best little friends.
The family in 1910 costumes.
A little heavy on the blush, but other then that he is sure a handsome boy! Later he changes into a band uniform and pretends to play the flute.

 The orchestra and pit! They were awesome! It really sounded great. Our director in yellow. She was such a fun person to work with and we learned so much from her.

Here is the whole group of people form the stage crew, lighting, makeup, hair, costume people, orchestra and cast!  What a ride! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Here is the official blog with lots of better pictures of our adventure.