Friday, April 03, 2009

Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank

We just read this book for the North Logan 5 pillar Book group. It was just as good the second time around as the first time I read it. There is nothing like a good end of the world book, complete with nuclear explosions.

What I really liked most is the detail of what you need and what you thought you would need but ended up being completely useless to you. I have had dreams about running out of salt. In my dream I had to walk all the way to the Salt Lake to get some but it was contaminated because of all the factories that are around it. Salt is really cheap right now and it is the next thing that is going into our food storage in a larger quantity then we currently have.

I also have to remember my sister's advice, not to put too much in the large freezer because when the electricity is out all will be spoiled in a few days.

Food, candles, fuel, shelter, arms and food are all on the top of the list too. Did you ever think that books would be important again. I take it for granted the info accessible and in seconds, right at the tips of my fingers? Google will no longer be there because no electricity no computers. Bye bye cell phones...and you better be in shape because you will be walking everywhere.

I liked this book because the hero was a guy named Randy. He was a bum and had no goals in life despite serving at one time in the army and running for mayor but when met with the challenge he rose to the occasion and took charge. He was a natural leader. The second favorite person was Alice the librarian. She tried so hard to get people to read but they watched TV and went to movies but after the disaster everyone came to learn things from the library.

Slightly broken book, healing book