Saturday, December 08, 2012

Picture thing solved!

Okay here is my new website! Thanks to husband that reads in between the complaining and constant chatter of his wife, he solved my blogging fustrations... I can post all the pictures I want! If you want to keep reading my blog please mark or change whatever so you can go to my new blog!

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Now I just need to learn how to use the new blog and add text with the patient!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

No More Pictures

Blogger says I used up all my space for posting pictures! Uhhhgg! Now what am I going to do? I guess I will just have to post long rants and describe the things we do instead of post pictures of them.

So last week was the History Fair. I got to be one of the judges for the 6th graders. Amazing and stunningly wonderful projects. The hours it took would probably knock you off your seat when you realize these kids could have been playing outside instead! Anyway it is too cold so I guess the time was used wisely. My 7th grader, Susan put off her project until the last weekend before it was due. That was Thanksgiving and Birthday weekend for her so it was even harder to do homework and projects when there was so much fun to be had playing! So Monday night, the very last night of working on the project we stayed up till 11:30pm and finished it. Sadly she decided to not do a very important part of the display part of the project because she said it would just take too long...probably would have taken 45 more min. or less. AND because of that she was eliminated in the first round. DESPITE the content of the project being completely competitively ready to take on the world of History Fair! I am sorry I let her slide in her moment of weakness and not finish that one part... OH WELL we always have next year to conquer the realms of History Fair!

(So here is where the picture would be)

Susan standing next to her project, smiling, she is wearing a yellow shirt and it matches her project. The board is golden and shiny and the accent colors are yellow. She has a gold panning pan in front and some golden glitter that looks like real gold flakes. The title is Gold Rush Impacts California  or something like that.  Her thesis statement is very clear, she has great pictures and maps of CA in the old days and miners working for Gold, she clearly states her conclusion and it looks sharp!

And other news... all the kids had the flu. The last one is still trying to get up and get to school today. I am glad you don't get to see a picture of this event. Today we are graduating to STS (stupid throat syndrome) That is also going around at our school. Sore throat with a funny croupy cough and a headache. The Christmas concert is tomorrow and the little Kindergartener is going to sadly miss singing all those great songs she has been practicing for months. So sad.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bits of stuff...

 We are ready for Turkey Day and Jill's 6th B-day!
 Mike got a new job! Way to go!
Cousins and leaves make fun times!

 Highschool Science Fair !
 Good Job finishing something you started!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A Black CAT! Oh it is just Tux Kitty looking for a friend.

 Um, how many suckers can Batman eat at the same time?
 Spooky Pumpkins carved !
 Batman wore his costume all week, to bed and to the store and the next day and forever!  When people past him at the store they called him Batman. He would chuckle and say to me, "They think I am batman! " Like he was tricking them all and they didn't know it was just him!
 More pumpkins from out garden transformed into spooky creations!

 The gang all ready to go Trick-or- Treating. Little Re Riding Hood, A Witch, A Pirate Princess and of course BATMAN!
We did see a Zombie and we did get scared to pieces when a brother in our ward was sitting on his porch waiting to scare people. I think it was overall a great Halloween! The weather was 56 degrees, no snow or rain like the previous years!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall - Winter

 This week we had our first Snow!!! Yes it is still October and yes we are still happy to see snow!  Little Edmund got on his gloves and found his shoes and just wanted to play in it all day...but it melted by the afternoon time. It was 28 degrees at the beginning of the week. Brrrrr....

 Then it hit 50 degrees on Saturday. This is the backyard this weekend...lot of leaves to rake! Can you believe it only took 45 min. for this project to be done. It just takes a little motivation and they can do things quickly.

Susan wanted to play with a friend and then go to a Birthday Party so she worked really hard moving leaves to the garden.

 Peter wanted to do homework and play on the computer so he raked the leaves fast!

 Jill wanted to play all day so she helped with the leaves also.
 We also went to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk  last week!  This is a fun place to see lots of different pumpkin scenes made out of PUMPKINS. The kids favorite thing at the end is these funny boards with a spot for your face.
 My princesses.


It is always fun in the Fall, or I mean winter. 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Fall and Confernce Weekend

 Yep it is general conference morning and this little girl doesn't want to get out of bed. It is cold!

 Camping out ready for conference, with bingo, lots of coloring pencils and snacks.
IT is cold in the basement! But we watched it on the big TV instead of on the little computer screen.
Well, not everyone wanted to play Bingo again so we shucked two boxes of beans! It took a lot of work and all we got was a bowl of Colorado River Beans. I think I understand why beans are so expensive. sheez.

 It will be 21 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. Yep everything left outside will be frozen. I cleaned out the filter on our heater but was trying to go as long as we could before we turned it on. Cold Cold weather is here!
  Beans drying in the cold truck cab outside.

 The poor tomatoes were completely frozen. The day before I collected two buckets of cherry tomatoes. I thought we were done but we flipped this plant over and got another bucket! UHHHGGG!
 This is my snacker helper. He eats most of the tomatoes that he picks. AND yes he is barefoot in the garden and it is cold. They just don't want to admit it is Fall...if there isn't snow then they don't want to wear shoes.

 The squash is DEAD! YES!!! Next year I will only plant two plants and if they die oh well, I will just get some from the neighbors. We had way too many this year. I just threw them to the chickens as they grew. I also took a big box to the food bank. I hope someone appreciated them more then us.

 We took the Corn stalks and made them into decorations for the front of the house.

 The beans are done.
 The bell peppers are so done and no one is sad.

 Tux has his winter coat started, thick and warm and ready for snow.

 Yucky cabbage, everyone was glad it was done.

 Edmund didn't want to be photographed. But we finally got him. He listened to conference upstairs all alone on the radio while playing a computer game on his DS. I wonder how much he got out of it.

Jumping and playing outside after being cooped up inside all day.

 Pirate Kitty. Always finds a way to sneak in the house and sleep in someones bed. Everyone loves her and she probably has a few accomplices.

 Lettuce and melon and pumpkins. All finished! Hooray!

We are grateful for our bounteous garden blessings and are glad fall has arrived. Next up, apples and leaves...

Banana Split by Josi S. Kilpack

Loved this culinary mystery! It is book seven and once again new and fresh mystery. It takes place in Hawaii. Next thing you know a dead body is floating next to you in the ocean...and once again Sadie is sucked back into another murder mystery. She has to overcome extreme anxiety to even get out of her home but she knows that she needs to help.

Whole Healing Book

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Birthdays!

 This is a popular time to have a Birthday! So we decided to celebrate even though everyone having a Birthday would not be at our little party. Edmund was happy to blow out the candle, again and again. We sang all the Birthday songs we knew just to mix it up a bit.
 This is a peach pie with the last of the peaches from my sister Danna's tree! Yum!

 Happy Birthday Grandma Arlene and Geneva! Happy Birthday Marc, Kimberly, Lesli, Tracey, Kaden, Justin, Ziona and Ellen! Happy Birthday to the little people and those that have passed on. Happy Birthday September! I hope i didn't miss anyone.
 YES we even had pink Ice Cream!
 My funny girls in their matching school clothes. Lucy and Jill are twins today. Jill had early Kindergarten because parent teacher conferences mix up the schedule at the end of the week.