Friday, July 25, 2008

Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter

I loved this book just like I loved The Girl of the Limberlost. Freckles, I believe came first but I read them out of order. Still worth it.

GSPorter always does an excellent job filling us in on all the wildlife and nature. It is very educational. I love her descriptions of the vulture family that Freckles finds in a hollow tree.

Some people might be surprised with how much Freckles can't get over his low status in society but in the 1900's this is how they really believed. Once your family was poor you were always poor and you couldn't associate with the rich and educated or rise to their level in society. I think she wrote true to how people thought back then.

And yes, again this was a sappy love story with a happy ending! A really good sappy love story. (I like the old fashion love stories where they hardly even hold hands and if they do they blush and dream about it for days.) Classic!