Saturday, May 07, 2011

May = Spring

We are having a Birthday party and of course we need a pinata!

It is a Tangled Movie Theme Party. So here is Pascal

All the girls have helped with the Pinata. They will do anything for candy!

How did he get in our flowerbeds?

My uncle Richard passed away. We went down for his funeral and since he was a bowler the whole family went bowling. Every strike was dedicated to Uncle Richard, especially if it was left handed.


Motorcycle boy! Mike had a Birthday and the highlight was the super cooked hotdogs, the yum yum cake and the little motorcycle zooming around the yard!

We have our 4-H lambs! The Fair is a long ways away but the project starts now.

Three kids will be participating this year. We have two Rams and one Ewe.

Two are over 80lbs already and the other one is 65lbs. We hope he makes weight by the time it is show time!

Eagle eye Chicken-the chickens are not impressed with the lambs taking over their space. They are laying 6 eggs a day. I think it is time to make a quiche and a angel food cake and omlets everyday!

Warning the following two pictures are of a worm dissection for Biology class.

Peter and Susan thought they would be unable to do the job but they were very brave and it wasn't gross. In fact it was interesting and fun. The smell was of course worse then the morgue.

They also did a frog but since there was only one it wasn't as hands on as the worm.

The kids sang in two service concerts for choir. The people at the rest home really love to see the show!

They sure look sharp!

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Ross, Amanda, and Sons said...

The pinata turned out great! What a cool idea! And I liked seeing your birthday banner in the background. Looks like you definately have had lots of fun lately! I remember dissecting a worm, frog, and a squid when I was in school...and strangely, the main thing I remember is the sick smell.