Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baking Bread

I was thinking about why I don't make bread very often even though I can. I love homemade bread. I almost ate one whole loaf by myself after these came out of the oven.

So here is why I hate making bread:
1. It takes too long.
2. If I use up all the ingredients then I have to buy more.
3. It always makes a big mess in the kitchen.
4. I hate the way the dough sticks to the sponge when you try to wash up the bowl.
5. I feel like the Little Red Hen and Nobody ever helps, boo whoo poor me.
6. I could be checking email instead of kneading.
7. All that work and only two loaves to show for it.
8. It gets eaten too fast.
9. It is never as good as my mom's bread even if I use her recipe.
10. A loaf of bread only costs $2.50-$3 at the store.

Okay, I know all of them are just lame excuses. At least I can if I ever really needed too. I'm just counting my blessings that I don't really have to right now.


elesa said...

AaaMEN! And my number one reason for not baking bread is that it is so good. I go to all that work to make 2 loaves and then I eat a whole loaf all by myself. What was the good of that??

Ross, Amanda, and Sons said...

I agree! So much work and gone so quickly! But, nothing beats the smell of homemade bread cooking.

Scorchi said...

The main one for me is the sticky mess on the sponge when I try to clean up. If I could figure out a cure for that, I'd be a baker for sure. Except that since I can't eat grains right now, I don't want that kind of temptation around.

Pam said...

I baked bread today and it took me an hour just to get my flour ground... I had to find the cord for the wheat grinder, then find a bucket of wheat in storage, and haul it upstairs, then I had to get it open with the bung wrench while trying to keep the screaming baby from getting her fingers pinched under the bucket which bruised my shins, and then I had to sweep up all the wheat my other kid dumped on the floor, and I had to keep everyone from eating all the flour dust off the ground and keep them from losing their fingers in the grain mill as they tried to push the wheat down faster...whew...I'm sure the pioneers never had it so hard:)

Scorchi said...

Pam, that's hilarious. Maybe not so much when it happened, but to read it sure is.