Monday, May 16, 2011

Little burned hand

It was one of those days Friday.
Lucy had a bloody nose in the night. Messy, so we washed her pillow but the pillow somehow caused the washer to overflow into my pantry downstairs. Big clean up job. Then we went out to garden...good news, the rototiller works! Bad news, the little 2 year old, Edmund, wanted to climb on it after I took a break and turned it off. He put his hand right on the hot engine. Lots of screaming and lots of cold water.
Then Lucy stepped on a bumblebee and got her first sting of spring! Lots more crying.
Our tree died so luckily I had a warranty but it was going to run out so I needed to replace the tree. We did and the new one looks like it wants to live!
Nothing else got finished or started because children just needed to snuggle.




Here is our new tree, a Chinese semi dwarf apricot. The last one we planted died a miserable death last summer. We are determined to keep this one alive!

Here is the garden, as of today, Monday, we have onions, beets, lettuce, peas and potatoes planted! It should rain all week! I also got the blackberry starts in Saturday. Whew.

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