Sunday, May 22, 2011

Influential Women in Scouting Award

My mother was presented the Influential Women in Scouting award at a special dinner Friday evening.

Mom got to walk up on stage and they said nice things about her. She shook important peoples hands and was presented the medalian by the Service Master of the Utah National Parks Council President.

Jean A Stenens the First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency was the guest speaker. I tried to get a picture of her speaking but instead I got a really nice picture of the lady in the blond wig sitting in front of me.

My Aunt Marty called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to accompany her to the event. I really wanted to go but I didn't have the money for the dinner or a way to get there. I couldn't afford to take all the kids and the gas money to get down there would put us over the budget. Luckily Aunt Marty was persistent and graciously offered to pay for my dinner. Then Mike mentioned that he was going down Saturday for an all day Aikido seminar at the Univ. of Utah. We worked it out and he decided to drive down early Friday and spend the night at my moms then I could hang out with her while he went with the big kids to the seminar, then drive home together.

My mom was also gifted these lovely Baroque Pearls.

It just so happens that Brent my younger taller brother was in town too. He didn't have his scout uniform so he found one in the closet at my moms. It didn't have all the patches in the right place and he was an embarrassment to all scouters so I tried to stay far away from him. He made sure that he always stood next to me so people would think we were married and then think that his wife wasn't very good at sewing his patches on. Really he could have worn one of his brothers complete uniforms instead of being so stubborn and silly. It was a good time hanging out with him. He drove me up to SLC the next day to meet up with my real husband that probably would have pulled the same uniform stunt if he could.

We ate pulled pork sandwiches, pork and beans, potato salad and brownies for dessert. MMM, the Boy Scouts in a local Order of the Arrow chapter served us. Since there were five at our table they would bring the plates by twos and always serve the older people and women first. Brent always got forgotten and we would have to flag down a kid to bring him his plate and dessert. Ha Ha.

So here we are. We are all so proud of our mom! She has been in scouting for over 35 years and still serves as an Eagle Mentor and Bear Den Leader in her ward.

My Dads last ticket for Woodbadge. (Goal or service project needed to complete WB training). He made this from scratch and finally finished it to show off the ranks of the boys in his Home Ward. It looks awesome!


Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Congratulations to Carol! That is wonderful! I am glad that you got to go.

le said...

First off my husband isn't that tall! His head could have been in the picture. Second, your dad looks a little jealous in that picture. jk P.S. My husband makes me laugh, ha ha ha, I love when he uses his stubbornness on other people.