Sunday, May 22, 2011

Utah Renfest and Fantasy Faire 2011

We had fun at the Renaissance Festival again this year even though it rained a little. My uncle's magic group came down from Seattle to dazzle the crowd.
There fair had something for everyone. There were pirates and gypsies. You could buy clothing, trinkets and knives.

Lots of people dressed up. Here is Susan the Pirate, arrrggg.

Here we are waiting for Royal Magick, he is late. (he does that on purpose to be funny.)

Here he is with Virginia the Merchant.

I really like how you can learn about history and interesting facts about the Ren period as my uncle talks about what he is doing.

He is also pretty funny and you have to be careful because he is a master of illusion. This is his classic extra bottle magic trick. I won't tell you how he does it so don't ask.

My sister met up with us. They don't live too far away but he hardly ever see them so it was fun to hang out for a bit.

Royal Magick thought we needed to experience the Ren. food. He handed out Turkey drumsticks like candy. They were huge and it was so funny watching the little kids try to eat something almost as big as their heads. Too bad I didn't get a picture, I was holding a Turkey leg of my own. We had a great time. I can't wait for the next one.

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