Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Fever! We just need a bit o sunshine!

Liz and uncle bob came to visit last week! We had not seen her and her children for so long, too long! It was fun to have perfect weather for playing outside and running all over the yard. She had a long drive back to CA so couldn't stay too long.

Easter dinner! Cai came to visit from BYU-Idaho. She makes the best deviled eggs. She also has a mean chocolate chip chocolate cookie!

Easter Egg HUNT!!!

Hiding over 100 eggs across more then 1 acre, now that is what I call a good hunt!

OOH! Found another!

Sometimes you have to look really hard to find camouflage eggs.

Ward Talent show. I sang and the little girls danced in a primary group.

I love the flowers. They grow like kids, I mean weeds.

The kids are sprouting tomatoes and watermelon inside. It actually snowed today so I am glad we didn't put anything in the ground yet. Our garden plot did get plowed by the neighbor on Saturday so we are ready to plant, if only the weather would cooperate.

This is our Cat Princess Tiger Pepper. She has been missing for almost a week. We think she is no longer catching mice here on Earth. Poor Kitty, we will all miss her cute cuddly belly scratching personality.

Did someone say chocolate? Why buy it when you can make it!

We made mints and dipped almonds this time around.

We also had some leftover Royal Icing so we practiced making more flowers to use on a Birthday cake next month. The icing hardens and you can place the flowers where you like.

Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs!

It is amazing how much sugar can make a mess! We had fun and this was the main project this Spring! The best part was when the girls gave away their special eggs. This really made it the best project. It is amazing how much a simple decoration made from the heart can mean to someone at Easter. If you want the recipe for the sugar eggs in a mold just google panoramic easter eggs and even Martha Stewart has information on how to make them. The plastic egg molds are just plastic eggs that Easter candy might come it, like Willy Wonka.


Scorchi said...

Great pictures and news! Thanks!

Ross, Amanda, and Sons said...

You always have such creative ideas! It looks like your family has been having a lot of fun lately! Hudson really enjoyed your performance at the talent show. He keeps singing the words to your song. I was glad to find your blog. I hope you don't mind if I put it in my blog list. (Let me know if you do, and I will take it off!)

The Bec-ster said...

I don't mind Amanda, I have been reading your blog for a while now. :)