Monday, May 16, 2011

Tangled theme Birthday for the 9 year old

Posted on the front door.

The fabulous cake, decorated with the help of the B-Day girl.

You get to pick your own dinner on your Birthday and she picked Chinese food!

Pin the hair on the Rapunzel game!

Bash the Pinata with a frying pan!

The big kids finally got a few dents in it but it didn't break till the last kid hit it hard!

Getting presents is so fun. We didn't leave enough time for this and parents were picking up the kids before we were finished with Cake and Ice Cream.

We attached golden hair to the party hats! So cute!

I think it was a great B-day and I don't have to worry about another one till November! Spring is so much nicer to have a Birthday Party then Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe I should try to make a Turkey Pinata next!

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