Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cartels and Combinations by Mike McPheters

This was an interesting book about something I thought I knew nothing about. The author is a retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation,(FBI) and SWAT team member. He is also LDS. He created a fictional story about drug cartels today and compared them to the evil found 400 years before Christ on the American continent, the gadianton robbers. These robbers are well documented in the Book of Mormon and it tells of how a whole nation was destroyed by a secret group of people that made a pack with satan. That story was true.

The fictional story the author wrote about was how a Mexican family fell into this trap too and rose to the top of drug dealing and growing, buying and everything because they joined that same secret society, only in our day. Of course good always triumphs over evil and we have the Savior that provides a way to repent, change and make amends so the story has a happy ending for one family despite tragedy.

The main character is a teenage girl. Her dad is a federal strike force prosecutor who supervises drug cartel prosecutions. He has an interesting family history. His brother and not nephew is the richest man in the drug business in Mexico. There of course are rivals in this drug business. When the dad puts the rivals son in prison for smuggling drugs the rival kidnaps the prosecutors daughter, takes her into Mexico and ransoms her life for the freedom of his son. Well, things get interesting and people die and some are converted. It is a pretty intense book. It is amazing what people do when they are determined and don't give up. Faith can go a long way.

Healing Book

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