Monday, November 29, 2010


A ton of snow fell softly in the night. This morning it was dig dig dig to get the driveway ready for the day!

Last night the hometeachers got stuck in our driveway. They were there for about 45 min. They had to call the neighbors to pull them out with a truck.

Playing in soft powder snow is fun. This little girl didn't help all that much because she made a maze in the front yard through the snow.

The kids are really good about helping the elderly neighbors dig out of their yards too. One neighbor gave them a yummy treat to share.

Another neighbor just drives around in his giant tractor clearing driveways and the street.

This little boy is ready to go! He doesn't like to wear gloves but gets really mad when his little hands turn pink with cold.

This is his little mad spot in the kitchen where he sits and frowns. He isn't two yet but sometimes he can really pull a good tantrum.

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Scorchi said...

The pictures of the snow are beautiful. And I love the little pouting body in the last picture!