Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carrots, Sunsets, Kittens and Snow!

What do you do with a whole box of carrots? Well, we ate like five a day each. Then washed the rest and blanched then froze them.

22 cups of carrots later we found the cowboy carrot. Bowlegged and crunchy!

California Grandma might be wondering what 3 little girls will do with so many glow sticks. They are perfect for kittens! They can't sneak up on you in the garage if their necks are glowing!


Slinky waiting for some little child to have pity and let her in the front door.

We made Thanksgiving Cookies with the girls group on Monday. Instead of frosting we used yolk paint. It was so much fun painting with paintbrushes and then cooking the cookies and seeing how they turned out.

We set out one evening so go shooting in the canyon before it got too dark. This is what the sky looked like as we were finishing up. The Sunset looked like fire!

And it ends with hot lava from a volcano.


Saturday is dropped all day and stuck. This little girl was the only one that wanted to play in it.

When her brother woke up he was amazed and awed at the snow! He likes to stomp in it.

The First Snowman.

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Scorchi said...

Such fun! Thanks for sharing!