Friday, December 03, 2010

December is here!

The Christmas train made at Activity Girls. That is a lot of candy!

This was the best Birthday Present ever! She thinks her CA Grandam loves her the best because she is the only one that gave her what she really really wanted for her Birthday! I guess the socks I gave her are just too functional and taken for granted.

Our kittens think they are house cats. Every time the kids watch DVD's they hold the cats and warm them up. They just sit there and sleep on each kids lap. They are really good at purring and the black and white cat, Tux is always licking people. Yuck sandpaper kisses!

The first Concert for the Joyful Noise Homeschool Choir. The kids were really nervous and excited. They each had to iron their own shirt and pants. They had to place their choir pins on their shirts in just the right place.
They sang at a rest home to the most grateful group of older people in wheelchairs. It was really special. After they talked to the old people and shook their hands. That was scary but everyone was really nice. They did a great job! Next week they perform again at an assisted living center and the week after is the Final Family Concert.

The littlest guy on the left actually sang most of the songs better then half the choir. He is the directors son and learned most of the music by just hanging around and playing during practice but still listening.

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