Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4th Birthday!

Butterfly Cake!

The theme was Butterflies. There are 4 wings on the butterfly for turning 4. The antenna are also special because they make the letter V for her name.

Her friend from Primary and her two cousins were there to celebrate the big day. Plus all her siblings. The oldest ones helped play a game, Pin the antenna on the Butterfly. Then we colored butterfly pages and waited for the Birthday girl to recover from a melt down.

Opening presents was the highlight of course.

Everyone crowds around trying to see...

AND wanting to help open the presents.

Wow, all this candy is just for Me!

Hooray for Birthday parties.

Calling the UT Grandma!

We all talked to the CA grandma on the web cam. That was crazy fun.

The day after the Birthday we went Ice Skating!

That funny thing she is skating with is called a walker. She just holds on and it slides in front of her to keep her balance. Little steps and away she went!

You can take strollers on the ice too. He just sits and everyone takes turns pushing him around.

He had a great time until his hands got too cold.

Handsome boy! He is such a natural when it comes to skating. He can go forward, backwards, fast and slow, this way and that way swerving all over.

All the kids had a great time Skating! The best part was when the Birthday girl was so excited that it was snowing for her Birthday!

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Scorchi said...

How very fun! Thanks for the great pictures and news.