Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Book Thief by

This was a very interesting book written in the voice of Death himself. It was about a girl growing up in Nazi Germany. She was adopted and had a very interesting set of foster parents. One swore and yelled at her all the time and the other played the accordion and helped her learn to read.

Most people think that all Germans were bad but many of them tried to hide the Jews and help others. This story is one of those that you rarely hear about. Life was hard for everyone during the war but most of all the Jews. Don't forget that. Still there are many different ways of telling the sad story of that era, a time when human beings should be ashamed for eternity at what happened in Europe.

The little girl is the Book Thief. She stole her first book from a grave digger.

My favorite character was her best friend Rudy. He was a true friend. He loved to run. He also was her accomplice. His death was one of the sadder ones in the book.

Healing Book


Anne said...

I agree. A very excellent book!

kim said...

I loved this book--one of my favorites I've read in the last couple years.