Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Presidents and Prophets: The story of America's Presidents and the LDS Church by Michael K. Winder

From Washington to Bush this book was interesting as it told about the Presidents that were nice to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)  and those that were not. It also covers each term and who was LDS serving under the president in various capacities, from Senators to interns. I thought it was fascinating and I enjoyed the history lesson. I didn't even know Chester A. Author or James K. Polk were presidents of the USA. Yeah I skipped that in History class or something. Anyway I made a list of the presidents and then rated them from the information of the book to which were neutral or nice to the LDS people and which ones hated us and tried to destroy us. It was interesting to find out that out of 43 us presidents and 16 prophets, 37 us presidents were nice. 6 were not nice. Nine were on the line but I counted them in the nice totals.

The most astonishing thing I learned from this history was that the presidents loved the Tabernacle Choir! This was a great missionary tool and when they listened to the songs and hymns the spirit touched their hearts. Also there were some very key people that were LDS close or even personal friends, to the presidents and advised them. Many of the presidents received the Book of Mormon, some even read it, a few asked for priesthood blessings or for a family member to get one and some attended Family Home Evening with members at some point. The favorite gift from a visiting LDS person representing the first presidency and the "Mormons" was to give the US president a book of his personal genealogy and a family tree.

In the beginning when the saints were being persecuted and drove out of Jackson County and Nauvoo it was a terrible time and the Presidents usually turned the other way and ignored the worst, now the Saints are a highly esteemed people because of their hard working pioneer heritage and helping the west to bloom. They are known for the importance of families and the example of self reliance through the church welfare system, also foreign aid/relief to the world. Prophet Gorden B. Hinckley received the presidential medal of freedom in 2001 from president G. W. Bush. All of the US presidents seemed to be religious and they varied from Quaker to catholic to baptist ... It is amazing. Also many have their temple work done, especially the early presidents an the Constitution signers.

I wonder what Obama thinks of the LDS church. The book only went to the middle of GW Bush's service.

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