Sunday, March 11, 2012

Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

I loved this book. This is the same author that wrote The Glass Castle. This one is a story about her mother and grandmother. Mostly about her amazing grandmother that never let anything get her down. She lived during the depression and put herself through school to be a teacher. She learned to drive a car, fly an airplane and worked hard to own her own ranch instead of working on one. She knows a lot about horses and helped her father when she was younger to train carriage horses. She also raced horses and could take a fall without breaking her neck. She survived a flash flood at the age of 9 and saved her little brother and sister too. This empowered her to do big things and not give up. She was a very inspiring women. She had to endure some hard breaks, like a divorce and her sister dieing. She taught children all over the mid-west and western states, mostly AZ. She dealt with polygamists and Indian families and just kids that wouldn't have learned anything in a school or about the world if she didn't take the time to teach.
Her story made me want to try harder and do more. Her story made me laugh and cry. I love books like this!

Broken, Healing Book

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