Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Music Man Play is coming right along...

We having so much fun with the production The Music Man in the Hyde Park Stake. We have practiced so hard and still have so far to go!  We have 14 more practices till the dress rehearsal.

 Look at this amazing orchestra pit and extended stage!!!! There is a runway that goes all the way around the pit! It was built in one day by a bunch of volunteers. I can't wait to see the orchestra sitting in the middle and the whole thing will be painted black.

Here is a picture of all some of Lucy's friends. They have so much fun playing together in between the scenes they are in. This makes it a lot more fun to be in a play when you have someone to hang out with while waiting for hours.
 I don't have very many pictures to share so if you want to see more and try to spot my kids and myself in some of the pictures go to the official blog for the Musical HERE!  There is a few of Lucy and one really funny one of Peter. Susan doesn't have very many shots and either do I. We are wearing really funny clothes and hats in most of the pictures because at practice we are supposed to wear a long skirt our shoes and a hat to get used to them. The first day I wore a hat my neck hurt and everything sounded different. I also couldn't walk as fast or go up the steps as well so it is good we are practicing with part of the costumes now.

My favorite part of this production is the amazing director Keturah Partridge. She is the most talented person I have ever met! I love her insights, direction and she can really sing! She also has a great sense of humor. My second favorite part is the cast! They are all so talented. The quartet, the pick-a-little ladies, the librarian and even Harold Hill. They have amazing voices and are just fun to be around. I am glad I don't have to memorize all the lines and songs they do so I can sit back and enjoy the show.

Peter is one of the band members, the two girls are in the Indian dance and library scene. I am just an ordinary townswomen. I get to sing one solo part in the middle of a Iowa Stubborn, it has 5 words! My few seconds of stardom, don't miss them they are pretty quick! I love to watch the scenes come together after going over them again and again!

Today we ran the Well's Fargo Wagon scene. It still needs some work. We also practiced the gymnasium scene and that one is finally coming together. Our next door neighbor is Thomas is Tommy the boys band leader, he is a great dancer and has been in drama productions since he was very young. He was in the Pickleville Playhouses production this summer, The Amazing Dreamcoat. And I saw him in the production of the Wizard of Oz last year at Skyview Highschool. He has so much talent it awesome.

The show isn't till May 10, 11, 12th and 14th. There isn't very many seats for each show because the extended stage takes up all the space. The tickets are free but you have to reserve them online ahead of time. I will post the link for that when it is available later this week.

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