Saturday, March 17, 2012

Deerskin by Robin Mckinley

Well, I thought because it was such a good author this would be a great book but it turned out to be a little too graphic for me. SPOILER ** not only was their incest and violent rape involved but also lots of blood. This is not exactly a book for any teenager to pick up and read. I didn't like the beginning or the middle but the end was a lot better and there was a happy ending.
Their is a princess and she has a psycho mother who dies, she leaves the king grief stricken to the point of him going mad. The princess was doing fine until one day her father noticed her and decided to marry her. He rapes her before the wedding.
Well not to give it all away, the princess has a dog and as long as they are together they can survive and rely on each other. They take off and end up in a kingdom far away. She doesn't remember very much because of all the trauma and blood and barely escaping with her life so when she ends up at the castle to get a job she changes her name and is just an ordinary peasant. She helps keep a bunch of newborn puppies alive because their mother died and while she does this she makes friends with the prince. They fall in love, she isn't ready for such things and takes off to the wilderness to live as the Moonlady that helps people find things that are lost, like children and lambs...
Well, eventually they are brought back together and she also confronts her evil father. She gets married to the prince and tries to continue her life of healing from her horrible nightmare. The prince is very patient and they raise a lot of dogs together.

Broken and Healing Book

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