Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One In Thine Hand: A Novel Set In Modern Israel by Gerald N. Lund

This was a very Mormon book and a love story. The story takes place in Jerusalem. It was a bit over the top with all the action scenes and the American returned missionary Vietnam Vet always saving the day. It takes place in 1974. There is a lot of unrest in the Holy Land, well there always is. Anyway Brad the American guy falls in love with a Jewish girl and his best friend is an Arab guy that recently converted to the LDS church. They all have a few adventures and try to convert the Jewish girl. I won't tell you what happens but it is a happy ending so you can guess.

I only read it because Gerald N. Lund is one of my sons favorite authors, he wrote the Work and the Glory series so this book was just sitting here so I read it. Not a total waste of time but close because it was just too sappy. 

Healing Book

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