Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve!

We stopped in at Aunt Danna's and opened her presents there. Then we stayed for 3 hours and finished covering a chair for Mike for a Christmas surprise. 


 Grandma's house was so much fun. Aunt Marty stopped by to visit. Grandma made chocolates and treats and had a well stocked fridge with Chocolate milk. The kids thought they were on vacation, oh they were! We did rake a few leaves just so we could burn off some calories and energy. We also went to the Timpanogos  Temple and did baptisms for some relatives that have been waiting a long time. The kids and their grandpa and I had a great experience. Grandma made a ninja outfit for Lucy. She had it on her Christmas list with a mask. She looks a little scary. Happy Birthday Grandma Carol we had so much fun at your house!
This is the Brigham City Temple. It is our favorite and we keep an eye on it as it slowly progresses. The window are in and it has a roof. We can't wait for the open-house!

When we got home we made some food and headed over to Kami and Craigs to play with the cousins and eat Christmas Dinner.We had a little piano recital and the kids played on the computer. Mike and Susan were not feeling very well so they stayed home.

 My first attempt at a cheese ball. It wasn't exactly round but close enough. yum!
 The Jello gets a 2 out of 5 stars for appearance but a 5 for taste! Peter was helping me and didn't understand the importance of timing so the pomegranates didn't sink but just sat on the top because it had already set. That was pretty funny and we tried to poke them down with a spoon but they would just stay on the top. Then somehow they shifted in the fridge very quietly when no one was looking. :)
 Don't forget a few veggies. We also had 4 other jello salads and a green bean casserole plus three pies.
 Slushy juice, delicious! Cranberry pomegranate salsa. Very interesting and yummy.
 Mini cheese cakes with pomegranate! They didn't last long.
 Funeral potatoes and homemade rolls! I could have just eaten this all night long!
Such a fun Christmas Eve. Pam and family were there too! Oh, and Kami's parents and aunt and uncle.

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