Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Jill my youngest daughter is 5. She loves to dance. A homeschool mother offered a class for one day a week for just 4 weeks for $15. The mom is a long time ballet dancer and now she has a little girl of her own so she wanted to expose her to a ballet class. (the mom is about 5 months pregnant and so in shape!) Mainly it was to help little dancers have a taste of what a real class would be like with following directions and learning the names of the positions and moves that are basic and doing some stretches. It was all the way past Providence in Millville, which is about 20 min. South from our house. That is a long way to go in Cache Valley for a dance class. Luckily all the little girl cousins, 3 of them also wanted to dance too! I only drove once! Thanks Aunt Pam and Kami !

They had so much fun! It was fun to watch them just jump around and try to point their toes. The mother teaching the class has a large downstairs basement area with a good floor for dancing. (By the way, we have lots of dancing clothes but she always insists on wearing the outfits that don't exactly match. The pink little skirt would have been so cute with blue and white. )

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Scorchi said...

What a cute littler ballerina! She is very smooth!