Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Secret Santa Surprises

I went to my at my mom's house a few days before Christmas. I drove the truck and since I had lots of space in the back I threw in the old chair Mike likes but the cover was ruined about 6 years ago. He had mentioned just the other day it would be a nice Christmas present if it was covered. This project was put off for years and I just never had the right material to cover it. It was a very ugly chair with just an orange foam piece sitting on a frame. The kids kept picking at the foam so it looked scraggly and sick. Occasionally we would find a sneaky cat in the house curled up fast asleep in that old chair. It was out of sight out of mind down in the movie room so it was forgotten but not thrown out yet.
So I threw it in the back of the truck with the rest of the luggage and headed down to grandmas and my sister Danna's house was on the way. She said she might have a piece of upholstery material in her fabric collection that might fit over the chair. She did and we decided to try and covered it right then. 3 hours later and she fed us lunch too we had it covered. She did most of the work I just poked myself with a few pins and talked her ear off about this and that. When I got to my mom's house I brought it in and she just finished up a few more edges with her serger and it was done! I was so excited to surprise Mike. (you probably think it looks ugly but it is an improvement from what it looked like before, really, and not bad for a first attempt at covering it. The pillow was an extra nice touch, Thanks Danna!)

 While I was being sneaky someone else was cooking up a surprise of his own back at home!
When we returned from out of town the kids noticed right away random bows stuck all over the place. They pointed them out to me but I was confused.

Well, finally I got it. All the outlets were switched from the old original ones that were two pronged and upside down and the plugs always fell out because they were so loose to

Now that is sneaky. BUT WAIT THERE WERE MORE RANDOM BOWS! In the kitchen under the window, hmmm, I had no idea. He had to tell me, he plastered the wall where it needed patching. There used to be holes and cracks now it was smooth. Then in the bathroom there was a bow on the toilet. The toilet was still pink but the handle was a new shiny white! For the last month the toilet would run if you didn't jiggle the handle just right and sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night to water running and have to get up and go giggle the handle! Well no more! New handle and insides. In the downstairs bathroom the towel hanger that has been broken for a while also had a bow and was fixed good as new!
I was very happy with these home improvements but then....I found another bow! When I plugged the humidifier in I had to unplug it each morning and sometimes the little boy that shouldn't play with plugs and electricity would want to do it too. Now there was a new power strip there with an on and off button! Simple!
I was very glad to have all these home improvements and just when I thought there couldn't be more Mike pointed out one that I would never have found - Behind our bed there is a plug for the bedside lamp but it stuck out so far from the wall the bed had a big gap at the top where we would loose children and small toys. Now it had a flat plug and the bed could be moved closer to the wall! Brilliant!

I really should go out of town more often!

Merry Christmas Mike! I love you! I also got a Kindle but that was nothing compared to all the hidden surprises all around the house!

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Scorchi said...

What fun! It is so great that he takes care of you so well! I love it when things get fixed! And your chair looks great too!