Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday fun!

 The Winter Choir Concert was fun to see this week. The two oldest kids sang and played the bells. Iv sang a duet to start off the evening, the Star Spangled Banner. He was scared but did a great job.
 Irish Dance recital and they showed us a few dance steps too. A neighbor taught a small class for one of her YW Goals. It was just right and didn't cost too much. The girls had fun!
 Irish Dance Class!
 We 14 pink candles and a few white ones so he only got one candle. We celebrated early with a friend party because Iv earned his Duty to God before his Birthday this Sunday!
 He had a great time playing Settlers of Catan and Knights of Catan for 3 hours and eating pizza and rootbeer floats! There was veggies too but only two boys ate a few. It was fun meeting his friends from school. They are all really good kids.

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