Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day!

 Christmas morning and Santa Came! We had to get to church at 8:30am so no one was allowed in the living room until 12:30 after church. Everyone was happy to open presents and spend time together on his Blesses day!
 Here are the kids that are ready to head to church!

 My little Christmas girls. They were on the Nice List and tried to be good all through church despite not having their dad there, he had a cold. I sang and then the primary children sang and the youth had a choir number too, Peter sand in that one. Susan missed it all because she was home being sick.
Finally we opened presents!

 Spatula City, home of the best Christmas gifts! Thanks Grandma!
" I have too many PJ's for Christmas and want more toys" Edmund was thinking.
" Doll house! We will play all day!" Lucy and Jill almost didn't want to finish the other presents when they discovered this.
 Poor pok-a-dots for Christmas girl. Her favorite gift this year was Benadryl. She had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was taking. Of course this happened on Christmas Eve  and everywhere was closed so luckily a few neighbors stepped up to give a blessing and find some medication for the itching.

 Her back looked even worse in the morning. The rash even covers her face and whole body.
She is doing much better and doesn't feel sick just looks a festive red.

We left the sick ones and the tired ones at home and went to Pam and Dan's for Christmas Dinner. Yum, Chinese Chicken Salad and Trifle. Sorry no pictures. Then we played our new scrabble game and a game called Blurt. Dan always won. It was still fun.

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bug girl said...

Gross spots. Poor thing. I hope she isn't allergic to latex and iodine too.