Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving With Extented Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving in North Logan the weekend before the real Thanksgiving. It dumped snow for the occasion.
It was supposed to be planned so everyone would be there at the same time to eat with all the food being ready at exactly 2pm. Well, one turkey wasn't ready and the other one needed to be carved and one thing or the other led to us not eating until 4pm. Luckily Aunt Danna and a few others had before dinner snacks and veggie tray to tide us over. Some kids were just bored and wanted to eat so they could go play. It is always fun to have all the cousins together.
This is the Minced Meat Apple. Don't touch it, it is mine, the other piece is Grandpa's. I was too full to eat it right away so the next day I enjoyed it all to myself, warm with lots of whipped cream.
Aunt Kim was there! Geoff and Anita with toddler, Darron and Melissa with baby inside, pam and fam, Danna and JD with there lovely daughters and Grandma and Grandpa all the way from Lindon! Of course Kami and Craig and kids and we were there too!We really missed Brent and Lesli that didn't make it this year because they wanted to go move to Colorado so they could have their own personal holidays. :(
I got a lot of fun pictures of all of us pigging out but none of the pictures were very flattering of our mouths open or loaded with food so I will spare you.
These two posed for me in between bites. Thanks.
Oh, how I love Thanksgiving! So much great food and too many pies! I couldn't even eat the pie part until later. By then some of the desserts were gone. Danna had to leave early. She missed out on all the fun stuff, shhh, don't tell her.
This is my boy sporting his new haircut for the season. He sure looks handsome.

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