Friday, November 04, 2011

A Long Way From Chicago: A Novel In Series by Richard Peck

Joey and Mary Alice went to Illinois to visit their eccentric grandmother. That first summer was the beginning of nine more summers full of adventures. Their grandmother is so mysterious and you can never tell what she will do next. She helps people in a round about way in fact some might even question if she is helpful or not. She is not exactly truthful with everyone all the time.
My favorite part is the funeral in the living room. Grandma should not be allowed to have a shotgun when there are small children around. She might shoot your eye out or splinter the casket in a million pieces if she sees a ghost.
I also will always look in the milk carton before I pour it on my cereal. You never know what might be floating in it.

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le said...

These are cute books, aren't they?

elesa said...

yeah, this book was fun. I liked the next one even more.

The Bec-ster said...

uh, I didn't know there was another one...are you sure? It looked like all the books were just in this one book, each summer a different chapter.