Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Susan turned 12! She gets to be a Beehive! She finished her Faith in God booklet and graduated from Primary! The Bishop had her recite the 13th article of faith to the whole congregation. She spoke slowly and clearly but she was VERY nervous. I think she is brave and set a great example for her siblings. I went into YW's later and read a paper that tells about her. She got her favorite candybar, a Twix bar. In Primary we sang her favorite song as a good-bye. I Belong To the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I can't believe my oldest girl is so old! She was the only kid in her class in Primary for the last two months because her Birthday was so late in the year. She is now with all her friends again and best friend next door. And if you ask her where is her favorite place to vacation is if she could go anywhere in the world she would say her grandma's in CA.
Cinnamon Rolls for the Birthday Girls Breakfast surprise. They rose all night and were ready at 7am to put in the oven. Only no one was up at that time so they got a little bigger for a couple hours extra. Warm and delicious it all worked out.
Frosting and it's the cream cheese kind! Squirt it on thick!
Presents! You can't help but notice the little helper that really wanted it to be his Birthday too.
Her grandma in Utah gave her some shoes, she really needed shoes because her feet are all of sudden a women's size 7! She also got some clothes and a very pretty brown skirt remade to fit her in her skinny little waist. Her grandma in CA sent a DVD that is now memorized and quoted at the most random times! She was so excited to get this! I think we watched it 5 times before school started again and it was back to the old grind.
She asked for Pringles and she got them! But she only gets them in her lunch and only the green ones. They are lunch sized.
Happy Birthday! Oh and a funny thing. I took the pie out of the oven and it was cooling. Susan couldn't wait to eat it and have presents. She had been waiting all day and no one was very excited or in a hurry but she was. She got the candles out and put them all in just right then we all got distracted for a while. I walk into the kitchen and notice that the candles are all sideways. I pull one out only it is just a half of a candle. They had all melted into the pie. There was a little puddle of blue or green candle in every spot where she stuck on in the Hot pie. Ha Ha! We ate the pie anyway of course and she learned the first lesson at the age of 12, patience!
Extra stuff... Little Edmund is really into snowman. He sings the song, does a snowman dance and also makes snowmen at every chance he gets, it doesn't have to be much snow or even snow at all. Here is a glob of play-dough that he mixed with another blob and he happily plays with it every day and makes it usually into a... Snowman! AND A Very sad thing...My very favorite large 8 or 10 cup measuring/mixing bowl from pampered chef bit the dust. Literally it shattered to dust and chunks! It didn't fall very far but when it hit the counter is was gone. I am so sad. It took 4 people including Mike to help me vacuum and pick up, wipe up and throw out food to clean up all the pieces. The little ones wanted to help but it was too Dangerous. It was all the way across the kitchen in places you didn't think pieces would be. No one was hurt and the kitchen is cleaner then ever now.

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