Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Holiday of Gratitude and Projects.

Thanksgiving morning was the perfect day to clean out the garage and haul off some junk. We also moved an animal cage/run into the barn so the rooster could have his own space. (and give the moulting hens a break!) It was hard to move it because it weighs a ton but with everyone working together we did it! Lots of snow makes lots of fun! Our backyard isn't very deep yet but it froze kind of hard on top. This makes for perfect crab sledding. If you wanted to get out of helping just disappear to the backyard!
They are the only two that like to play out there for longer then 10 minutes. It is really cold but fun to pull yourself around on the flat parts with your hands like swimming on a surf board.
They can go all over the yard and out around the barn. They do this for hours then come in for hot chocolate. Really it is so cold I am surprised they last so long.
The diehard trampoline jumpers. I think all that jumping keeps them warm.
Too many apples! Next year we will spray on schedule and it will be a priority. This year we didn't and I am done with the organic apples. I did the best I could with them but I will not make another pie or cake or anything if I have to cut out one more worm from the apple. I know it is a waste but the deer will thank me this winter as they come to snack on the compost pile.
Taking the wormy apples out to the compost pile is a lot more fun in the snow! Slide and ride!
Bunny bins! Finished the second one for the rabbit out in the barn. He was looking so cold I thought they could use a nice cozy place to sleep at night. I wanted to put a hinge on the top with a board over the slanted part but ended up just wiring a board there and saved money. Now it will be easy to clean out but still keep the warmth in. Didn't get a picture of the finished product.
Our feast of leftovers for the real Thanksgiving dinner on the day. It was so easy, maybe we will do this every year! Cook the turkey a week before and a few other dishes to just warm up then keep it simple for the big day!
This little guy slept through Thanksgiving dinner and woke up just in time to finish off the J-ello. His oldest sister thought it would be a happy way to enjoy himself if she gave him a straw.

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