Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday - Wow, Five Years Old!

The Birthday Girl in her Party Dress!
We had a friends party the day before her actual Birthday and during our co-op Joy Preschool. The theme was built around the letter H! So all the presents, if you wanted to bring one, but were not required, started with H, or not. Headbands, Hello, Kitty, Happy Birthday things and Happy Birthday balloons, hats, Harmonica, Heart stickers, horses...Then we talked about Winnie-the-Pooh and how he loves HUNNY! I borrowed the original tales and read a few exerts from Poohs life and about the "wrong sorts of bees". Then we looked at a few Beekeeper suits I borrowed from my brother. The kids were so fascinated.
We played a fun game, My Honey Bee won't sting you...and then we played pin the honey Bee on the Hive. (notice all the H words.) We also sang If you are happy and you know clap your Hands, Hug a friend, Hop around and the favorite HOOT HOOT. (like owl) Everyone took home a tiny Honey Butter jar and a party bag with things like Bit O Honey, Hand clappers, and tiny harmonicas.
We traced the letter H, colored and played some more.
Blew out the candles and played some more.
In the end we blew up long balloons and had a crazy sword fight in the living room.
The funny part was when the little cousin came in took off her shoes and coat then ran into the living room yelling, "Lets all play dead!" She plopped on the floor and only the Birthday girl played dead with her but didn't last very long. The cousin waited a long while then jumped up and started playing with everyone. I guess that was the ice breaker.
More to add later after her actual B-day Tuesday.
Then on her actual Birthday I had the flu and was in bed all day and didn't get her a cake made and didn't get decorations up and didn't get to see her open any presents and I just stayed in bed all day so sick with the flu! Poor little girl. I felt so bad and kept thinking any minute now I would be better and I could get up and make her a cake. We did have pizza at lunch time and her dad came home for lunch to celebrate with her and they drank rootbeer. My visiting teacher is so sweet and she made a cake for this little girl so she would still have a special day. That was the best thing anyone could have done. They even sang to her, I heard it from my deathbed in the other room. I will be forever thankful for this small act of kindness. The next morning I was better! And she seemed to be just super happy to play with her barbies from her grandma and other fun things she got.


Scorchi said...

Way fun but it sure looks like a lot of work!
Thanks for the news and the pictures.

Pam said...

Hooray! (that starts with H.)