Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letters by Marjorie Page Hinckley

This was a cute read and a glimpse into Sister Hinckley's life over a span of 50 years of letter writing. She wrote to her family probably every week, this was the main way of communication for her and them. There are a bunch of letters from her earlier days of being married with two kids and far from home. There is a bunch from her travels all over the world. I liked these the best. There are also a few to her children off to college and her grandchildren. It was fun to see this great women come to life for me as I peaked into her life through these letters. She was a very loving and patient person. She hardly complained, in fact didn't really at all. She endured hard times but didn't let it get her down. She is brave and also just human like you or me with mistakes and challenges each day. She loves to get letters too. I kind of wished as I was reading these that we didn't have computers and internet, texting and phones so we could communicate on a deeper level with those we love. There was a great depth to the letters that you just don't get when you post a few sentences on Facebook to sum up your week. She really loved her family and her husband. Whole Book

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