Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween and the end of Fall!

It rained all night but still hasn't snowed! Saturday it will for sure!

I thought I was was really smart to buy candy online this year when there was a huge steal deal going on Amazon through pinchingyourpennies and free shipping. I quickly bought two bags then went back later and checked, the delivery date was Nov. 4th so I guess that wasn't such a great deal because I won't have it for Halloween. INSTEAD my mom found seconds from See's Candy, sticks, a whole box full. She sent them just in time with my sister Kim! Thanks mom! So we will be eating those probably on Easter too. They are a lovely color of black, orange and white. We only usually have 2 or trick-or-treaters that come to our home so I usually don't need much candy to give out.

On Halloween the local family owned grocery store always does a walk around the store and they give kids in costumes a treat at different stations. My big kids are in school this year and they were very disappointed to not get to go. Their favorite thing is the free string cheese! So the two little ones and I set out Tues. morning to grocery shop and get funny things...like a toothbrush, a whole bag of potato chips, black water sample, candy, a pumpkin cookie from the bakery, box of chocolate milk and a balloon. It is always surprising what they come up with to give to so many people that come through each year. I wonder if it is just a surplus of stuff they have on hand or what? They even had a spook alley in one store that wasn't scary just cute. We just happen to run into Mike during lunch too. He works just around the corner from Lee's Grocery store and heads over to the near by Panda Express sometimes.

We made Halloween cookies because it is traditional!

I wanted to put a little patch on Slinky's eye so she could be a Pirate Cat but she ran off when she heard me talking about it. We had to lock all the cats in the garage Halloween evening so they wouldn't follow kids walking past and wouldn't go in the road. They did this last year and the year before. Dumb cats!

After school the kids all wanted to go Trick or Treating. The weather looked like rain or snow but it was actually the warmest it has been in weeks. We got most of the homework done. Peter didn't have his finished because he went to Aikido with his dad so we said we would stall a while before getting in the car and going to a neighborhood in our ward down the street. We started first by walking to the older peoples homes in our ward/neighborhood. They love to have a visit! Sister Shp is always the best to visit. We like her dog, Ellie. The dog was very good at washing off Edmund's face a few times. She talked about the weather and asked each child how they are doing in school and then listened to Edmund tell her about his bat ring and point out all the colors he knows. It was funny. We went to the Relief Society presidents home and there was a HUGE spider in a web right on the corner of her tall garage. It was a real spider and very busy making a huge web. I am glad I didn't walk right into it. Then on her porch she had a super humongous tarantula that chased us down the steps. It was remote controlled. We laughed so hard and Jill did not want to walk past it to get her candy, but before we left she petted it. Edmund was just amazed and cautious but didn't go near it.

So it took about an hour to do those 8 homes right across from us. Peter was ready to go with us by then. We headed to the President Salisbury's home. We could see their upstairs light flashing from out house even though they were far away and across a field. They always get into Halloween. Pres. Salis was the Mad Hatter and looked just like Johnny Depp. He was in character and very silly.

Then we headed back to the house because I forgot my drivers license. Mike decided to go with us! Usually this is when I drop off the littlest one and he hangs out with his dad so we can go fast. BUT Edmund still wanted to go so we all went...I think it was much more fun this way. One house, Br. Allr always gives a soda can and microwave popcorn. Edmund kept saying, "movie" until we distracted him with a piece of candy. He associates popcorn with watching movies. We had fun going around to homes in our ward.

One girl was wearing a very very scary costume and when we were walking near her home she just came out of the dark and followed us. Peter almost punched her and ran but then he figured it was a girl and he would get in trouble. We thought it was one girl later when we were talking about how creepy she was, but this morning on facebook I found out it was her sister instead. She was very scary and never talked just followed us then walked across the street to find another victim to stalk. I knew it had to be someone in our ward so I didn't panic. YIKES, it gave me nightmares.

Halloween was fun! We didn't get to a lot of homes but at least it wasn't raining like last year or snowing like the year before. Edmund had a meltdown when we got home because we wouldn't let him drink his soda. His mouth was full of gum and a lollypop and as he sat on the floor screaming we knew it was just too much for him. He as so tired he couldn't think straight!

We got plenty of candy and will drop some off at the donate to the troops at the local dentist office. I can't wait to take down the decorations. Oh and just in case you are wondering...Edmund was a fireman, spiderman, cowboy, superman for Halloween. He wore parts of all of these costumes. He picked them all out himself.

Jill was Mulan for part of the day and a princess for the other part.

Lucy was a cowgirl, Susan was a scarecrow and Peter was a pedestrian. Hope you had a great Halloween too!

We all ate candy for breakfast. Does that make me a bad mom?


Pam said...

Yes that makes you a horrible mom! I'm right there with you. I woke up to the kids in their room still in their beds eating candy... They all tried to hide it when I walked in, so I laughed at them and explained that today they could eat all the candy they wanted. None of them ate anything else for breakfast.

Scorchi said...

You are a bad mom to nutritional fanatics, but you are the best mom for your kids! I bet they would surely say so!