Friday, April 08, 2011

Wintery Spring Break

First we went on a long trip down south. It really was Spring Break for a day. The weather was nice, warm and sunny.

We went to the Carl Bloch exhibit BYU! It was so worth it! The kids loved it and I loved it and grandpa came with us and he loved it.

This was some curious thing the kids took pictures of. The actual Carl Bloch stuff we were not allowed to photograph. We rented an Ipad with ear things to listen and learn more about each painting. That was cool, the kids fighting over whos turn it was, well that was uncool.

He did not like it and cried very loud. He is just pretending to smile in this picture but he really just wanted a cheeseburger or something. Who knows?

We attended a going away party for some of the cousins and had a Birthday party for an aunt!

This was a chocolate cake without flour that turned out inedible.

Cousins playing...

This cousin is probably the cutest. At least Geoff things so. And Pam's baby is cute too so it is a toss up. I don't have a picture of that little one so we can't compare here.

After playing at Grandmas house with lots of toys we headed back to Logan. It was sunny at first.
Edmund rode the motorcycle every day out in the field.

The chickens basked in the sun.

The kids played outside without their shoes.

The grass is turning green.

Susan and her friend played with the bow and arrow, way out there in no mans land.

THEN it snowed!!!!

Spring Break is over.

We watched movies and put the girls hair up in rag curls.

Unicorn hair, braided tight.

The cats of course were invited in but they weren't much help.

By the time I get all the pictures on the blog I am too tired to write long stories about the stuff we did. What did you do for spring break?

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