Sunday, April 17, 2011

Could Spring Be Here?

It is Strawberry Jam time! Peter helped me make a batch but we just barely had enough strawberries. Can you guess why?

The flowers are finally blooming. It has been rainy but not snowy! We even moved the rabbits out of the barn into their hutches outside the barn.

It is so nice to see happy kids playing outside again without shoes or coats. Okay they have shoes on in the picture but I think it was because we just got home from running an errand. Usually they run around without shoes so they can jump on the trampoline easier.

We went on a fieldtrip to the USU Greenhouses. We each got to replant a tomato and take it home. Each kid will have to eat all the tomatoes that grow on their plant. Peter gave his away to the first person he could. His cousin was having a birthday party and she was the happy recipient of a tiny tomato plant.

This is a Birthday party game. Try and untangle the colored eggs with candy.

Then throw them across the yard and pick up the candy, but don't get the Jelly Beans mixed up with the deer droppings!

Edmund loves strawberries and cake.

The cows are multiplying! Look at those cute little calves with big eyes!

Look at those kids on the fence. It is fun to walk down the road to see the calves close up. They are so curious and sometimes run around like puppies playing.

Delicious Mango!

Happiness is a mango to share.

Aikido weapons class.

Stick fighting in action.

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