Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Dance for Three (2000) by Louise Plummer

This was an interesting book and well written from three different perspectives. The girl the story is about, her best friend and the father to her baby's younger brother. That third perspective is a bit weird. I didn't know what to call him. I guess I could have said the unborn babies uncle. Anyway, the main charactor is a girl with a lot of problems, not only family problems but self esteem problems and then her bigger problem is she gets pregnant at age 15. She really thinks she will be living a fairy tale happily ever after life but NOTHING turns out how she thinks it will. She finds strength and comfort from people she never considered her friend before. Her mother has big mental problems since her father died and as she works through this things start fitting back together.

I never had a really good friend get pregnant early. I had a few gals in my high school go through this or get an abortion but I really didn't know them very well and I couldn't really even remember their names now. This book takes a good look at what it is like deciding to have a baby so young or put it up for adoption. How it mentally takes a toll on your whole world.

My favorite part in the book is the rose stealing. The girl never just buys roses or takes them from her own rose bushes, she likes the thrill of sneaking them from the neighborhood rose bushes. One lady is really cranky and has the best roses. She is always trying for those but sometimes she gets caught. Anyway she finds later that the lady is one of her best allies.

The last book I read by this author was disappointing but this one was a good step up. I think it was well done and very true to the feelings and realities of teen pregnancy.

Healing Book

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