Friday, April 08, 2011

Rangers of the Lone Star by Zane Grey

A cowboy book! The first Zane Grey book I ever read was about a baseball player, The Shortstop. Then I discovered he is actually a western novel writer. This was one of his masterpiece. In 1914 it was published in a series in a shorter form for magazine. Then it was cut in too and part of if deleted by the publishers. This is the first time it has been restored to the original version as a complete novel.

I is about the Texas Rangers in the wild west. Back in the day it was a very dangerous and rowdy place for villains and cow rustlers. The Rangers put a stop to the bandits and lawbreakers despite the dangers involved. They are lonely and sometimes far from "civilization" they are the only law around. The story is about two Rangers on special assignment. They are tough and then they meet two girls that steal their hearts away.

I was surprised to find all the romance in the book. It is all innocent stuff but it sure takes up most of the book. Here are the tough Rangers and they are taking down the biggest problem in the state in Pecos County, cattle stealing. Then their is the daughters of the villain. What a dilemma!

Anyway is an exciting picture of the olden days in the west (well the south cause it is Texas). I expected something else because I was thinking of the Lone Ranger version from the movies. There wasn't any masked men saving the day in this book just super smart and fast guns taking out the bad guys.

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