Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

I found this mysterious picture on the camera. It seems that the spilled milk on the kitchen table wasn't wasted but turned into alien artwork.

Mike was babysitting the other night while I was playing Basketball at the church. When I got home I noticed this little lump under the kitchen table. Mike said he didn't hear Edmund for a while so he went looking in all the usual places and found him fast asleep in an unusual place.

Activity Girls Mother Daughter event. We learned about manners and how we are all Queens! Real ones not like queen Elizabeth in England but of actual royal birth because we are daughters of God. It was fun and the mothers sang one of my favorites from girls camp, Walk Tall Your A Daughter Of God.

We attended a writing workshop in Sunset, Utah for a whole day! It was so much fun! The kids leaned about creative ways to write. Aunt Danna taught the class in her finished basement and all the cousins that homeschool attended!

Tonight there was a Scout Court of Honor and Eagle recognition night. Here is the Eagles nest renewing their Eagles Oath. There are over 20 Eagles from our ward here in this picture and more being added this month!

He looks like Eagle material. Tonight Peter received the rank of Life Scout. He is only 13 and well on his way to greater things! He also earned his fishing and communications merit badges. He finished the fishing one with a Saturday of Ice Fishing!

March couldn't be complete unless mom makes batch of play-dough and the little ones squish and shape the stuff for hours! Edmund especially likes to chop things with a plastic knife.

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Scorchi said...

What fun! Great stuff for next week's letter!