Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Update: It's Winter still, no spring in sight...

When I wake up in the morning and look outside my window and see icicles longer than saber-tooth tiger teeth I know it is another COLD day!

At least cold comes in beautiful!

Sugar Powder the whole backyard!

The girls love to play in it! Susan spent hours making a horse out of snow. Sculpting and imagining. Then she was done. She was proud of her creation but some said it looked like a Llama. (It did.) Then after playing on it for hours she came out one day and it has evolved into a Loch Ness Monster! It had large spikes and pointy ears. The long tail was anything but a horse. She was mad but everyone laughed and accused dad. Then it melted. No Snow sculpture is safe around here.

We all take turns feeding the pets in the barn. This morning it is Jill's turn. She likes to find eggs under the rabbit cage. We are not sure if the rabbit or the chicken is putting them there.

Chickens do not like snow. They are daring each other to step out of the barn into the snow.

Little boys like to be helpful. Edmund is carrying a water jug all the way out to the barn so the rabbits can have some water.

Our cats think this is the best time of the day, a trip to the barn. They run ahead and underfoot to make sure they aren't missing out on anything.

We had three cats spayed last Saturday. They have to stay in the warm house and not jump high while they recover for one week. They forget the Doctors instructions and are always sitting on computers where it is warm or climbing into the windows. Silly cats. They seem to be just fine. Each day they are more spoiled with attention and warmth. Next week it is back to the elements for them!

I love the snow. It will be sad when it melts and we have mud mud mud.


Scorchi said...

It sure is beautiful! Nothing like it around here, that's for sure!

JD B said...

My little 3 yr old thinks the easter bunny is laying the eggs under your rabbits. Maybe there is candy under there too. Check it out for us. Dananna