Saturday, March 19, 2011

March March March

I think we missed the beautiful big full moon. It was very close to Earth. All we saw was a very small glowing light behind rain clouds. Well, in 2029 we will get another chance!

Jill loves to play with her horse puzzle. Her little brother kept taking the large puzzle pieces and hiding them under the throw rug.

A friends mother taught Susan how to knit. She is just getting started. She made wristbands for St. Patricks day and shared them with her friends in History class because they forgot to wear green.

Dog, I mean Dad pile!

Edmund will not stay out of the laundry soap. When he makes a mess he gets to clean it up. This punishment isn't exactly working because he loves to play with the vacuum.

The girls have been playing with the Barbie's hair but they got bored and finally Lucy's hair is long enough to create beautiful updoos or something! I was getting tired of removing doll hair from the hairbrush everyday. At least we don't have a long haired dog. He would never have any peace.

We went to a rock show put on locally by a Rock Club. We met the cousins there. The most popular part out of all those wonderful rocks was the two bit mining!

For a quarter you could search through a pie plate of saw dust and find hidden rocks. Each child looked until there was absolutely no more rocks to be found. They were quite proud of the little, and I mean little pebbles they found.

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Scorchi said...

Fun stuff! Thanks for the pictures!